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In the beginning, we met, and it was so glorious! But before we proceed with this beautiful love story, let’s tell you about the most dangerous syndrome you must guard yourself against; it’s the ‘processionary caterpillar syndrome,’ and it’s deadly! It has maimed more people than you can imagine.

To appreciate the nature and effect of this syndrome, you need to first know about the processionary caterpillar; click here to see more.


Do you understand life? One can almost bet that you don’t; well, most people honestly don’t understand life!

When growing up, it is ideal and relevant that someone should explain life to you comprehensively enough; but this is usually not the case. Hardly do you get someone qualified enough to tell you what’s really important where and when, and show you how to organise your life to be more efficient, make great impact and enjoy true happiness; parents/guardians, schools and religious organisations are making some efforts but that have been woefully inadequate. Indeed, there are a lot of difficulties you can avoid in life if you get the appropriate guidance; you may click here to see some of them. Also, there is so much you can accomplish beyond your wildest imagination if you get the appropriate coaching. With deep passion and professionalism, we have taken the trouble to research and outline a suitable guide to help you; whether you’re young or old…

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Of all the people that go to work everyday, 82 out of every 100 (82%) wish they didn’t have to go to work. And the BBC reports that there is increase in work-related stress disorders! Yay, there are consequences of choosing the wrong profession. See how to choose an appropriate profession and build a successful career, based on your strengths; especially, The Various Personality Types and the Most Suitable Profession(s) Recommended for Each Type. You may click here. | You may scroll down to see more…



The greatest tragedy in life is that majority of people have accepted to be less than they were born to be and thus accomplishing far less than their true capabilities. Indeed, 97 out of every 100 people underestimate their capabilities and use far less than 10 percent of their true/hidden potential; this may apply to either you or your people. You may click here to check that for yourself.


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